Between 2 Fords

The New Normal

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 2 | April and Brendan discuss today's New Normal compared to the Abnormal we all experienced last year due to Covid.

2020 was a blur and a pretty wild ride for everyone as we entered the unknown. Now we're out the other side searching for stability, what does the marketing space look like in the New Normal and what changes can we expect to come with it?

It's impossible to compare year-on-year figures when we've seen drastic changes in the way people spend money. In response to the fear of scarcity, consumers were overbuying everything from toilet paper to loungewear (even April was guilty of a few unnecessary online purchases).

This year we all vowed to be different, and we have already begun to see changes. With cuts to government economic support and less money to burn, people are now questioning everything and are more likely to do their due diligence before making a purchase online.

Another challenge presenting itself is the changes to iOS and the option to opt-out of tracking. Let's be clear - this does not mean advertising will stop. It just means that if consumers opt-out, the advertising they receive will not be personalised or specifically relevant to them.

The good news is that all consumers can still be reached through tailored strategies. The New Normal reinforces that businesses who focus on building brand loyalty by re-evaluating and improving their customer experience through a mix of marketing services will continue to come out on top.

So, does your business have a marketing plan for entering into the New Normal?

Sit back, grab your latte and enjoy the latest episode: The New Normal.