Between 2 Fords

The Future of Digital

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 4 | April and Brendan discuss the positive impacts of digital marketing on manufacturing and wholesale businesses.

Instead of sitting comfortably behind the scenes of a niche industry, these businesses are in the ideal place to leverage their offering and take the plunge into the digital world. Find out how a content-rich catalogue could be translated to a direct-to-customer model, and why a digital presence goes beyond a product or service to explain what a brand really stands for.

Hear about the perks of data measurement, increased brand recognition and how the commitment to building brand equity is a smart long-term investment that has seen significant growth for some of April Ford’s most successful clients.

So, what are most important marketing strategies for these industries to invest in? Listen to this episode now to learn about the influence of digital marketing and how to adapt your industry to keep up with the future of digital.

Sit back, grab your long black and enjoy the latest episode: The Future of Digital.