Between 2 Fords

Diving into Data

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 5 | April and Brendan discuss the importance of understanding data to help gear your customer journey and solve any potential problems that you might be facing. Let’s Dive into Data!

Whether your conversions or sales are skewing, you're trying to increase website traffic, or maybe you just want to understand how your customers are navigating through your website, data is key. It's the gauge for enhancing intuition and gives you the ability to take preventative actions.

People talk about data like it's really complex. In reality, if you have the right tools, it can involve a lot of common sense to look at information received and analyse what factors are most likely to be causing drastic changes.

Want to be let in on an industry secret? Watch the latest episode now and learn how to collect and analyse trends in data.

Sit back, grab your long black and enjoy the latest episode: Diving into Data.