Between 2 Fords

The Winning Combo

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 6 | April and Brendan talk all things sales and marketing, unpacking why they should not be treated like separate departments.

Sales and marketing have a symbiotic relationship and a strategically crafted partnership between the two is essential for successful business growth.

There is a longstanding conflict between sales and marketing. If there is a problem with the leads - sales blames marketing. If sales can’t turn a lead into a paying customer - marketing blames sales.

The reality is that the more integrated your sales and marketing teams are, the better the sales will be.

Think of it this way: a sale requires a product or service to sell and a marketer requires something to market. Without one supporting the other, both aspects of the business fall flat. When the two come together, that's the winning combo.

Watch this episode now to find out why there is a misconception that sales and marketing are different departments, and how sales and marketing teams can work together to provide the best results for your business.

Sit back, grab your long black and enjoy the latest episode: The Winning Combo.