Between 2 Fords

Team AF Industry Throwdown

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 7 | April and Brendan share an insight into their careers, revealing how their industry experience has influenced their approach to agency life.

Not many people can say that they have extensive experience across a range of industries, but April and Brendan can. It's their combined business backgrounds that allows April and Brendan to really understand our clients and their needs, ensuring we deliver work that is on point and on brand.

From childcare to construction, insurance to hospitality, real estate to retail and every in between, AF HQ brings together a variety of talent that have worked in, been a part of or specialised in every industry we work with. This specialised approach means we know what means most to our clients, giving us the unique ability to tailor our marketing solutions specific to their business.

The key takeaway: if you want your business to stand out, what you need is a marketing agency with experience in your industry that won't market you to look like everyone else.

Watch the latest episode now to see how our extensive industry experience make us the agency your business is looking for.

Sit back, grab your long black and enjoy the latest episode: Team AF Industry Throwdown.