How to Drive Leads Using Digital Marketing for Your Health and Medical Practise in Brisbane

April Forbes
March 17, 2021

The health and medical world is known for its commitment to innovation and technology when treating and working with patients, however, let's be honest, their uptake of available technology when looking for new potential patients could do with a little love.

The most important thing to do when building your digital marketing strategy for lead generation is to put yourself in the patient's shoes. Think about where they are, what is important to them and how easy is it to do business with you.

Whether you are a Medical Centre in Ascot, a Physiotherapist in North Lakes or a Dietitian in Brisbane, we have a few tips on how to drive leads using digital marketing for your health and medical practice in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

Google My Business

Creating and maintaining your Google My Business listing is the best place to start your digital journey if you have a physical location for your medical practice. These are 100% free and hold information like opening hours, contact details, booking information, website links and photos. When someone searches for 'Doctors Near Me', the search queries show Google My Business listings relevant to the search terms and your physical location.

For example, as I write this, my location is showing as Sunshine Coast, and my search for 'Doctors Near Me' has generated the below search options for me. As you can see, these show just under the paid Google Ads on both desktop and mobile search results, using the map locations.

This is great for local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), especially when you are marketing a location-specific business-like NDIS Occupational Therapist in Brisbane.

Website Design And Development

Now that newspapers are near non-existent, and every person and their dog has a smartphone, it's time for this industry to embrace the new world of patient lead generation and nurture, and the future is digital.

To embrace digital, building a well designed and developed website is a great way to give potential patients a deeper understanding of the business, its services and its medical professionals. Consider creating a well-styled and planned photoshoot to show your teams personality and physical location to further tell your brand's story. People connect with people, and long term relationships are what builds a profitable business.

Online Booking Systems

The number of out of the box software available for health and medical practices is growing; and to be honest, the solutions offer great customer journey experiences for your patients and also your team. Whether you are a Medical Centre or a specialist, online bookings are a great place to start, minimising basic booking enquiries, offering a self-service option for patients via either your website or mobile app where available.

A few options we recommend are:

  1. Hotdoc -
  2. Halaxy -
  3. Acuity Scheduling -

Each option suits different individual business circumstances; from bookings, to but all offer online booking so when your client wants to see you, it's available immediately.

Google Ads

Now that you have set up your Google My Business listing, a well-designed website and an online booking system, it's time to make sure you are in front of the patient when they need you. Google Ads offers a super targeted option for placing your business in front of people searching when they need your service.

As our population grows, so does the need for medical services, and Google Trends data proves this. There was a gradual increase of the search term 'medical centre near me' in Australia over the past 5 years.

So how does Google Ads work? Let's say you are looking for an Occupational Therapist that works with NDIS patients in North Lakes. Using Google Ads, you can place an ad in front of those searching for those keywords. It sounds simple but poor targeting and campaign set up can waste your valuable advertising dollars. If you are thinking about Google Ads, think about using an agency that is a Google Partner helps ensure your campaigns are set up correctly and managed by people who specialise in Google Search.

Google Ads can also connect with your Google My Business listing and your website, allowing you to link everything together for your potential patient.


Embracing digital marketing is the way forward for lead generation for every health and medical business, whether they have been established for years or brand new to the market. Patients are busy, and so are practitioners so improving the customer journey is the way to save time, provide a better service and improve your bottom line.