How to elevate yourself as a Brisbane real estate agent on Instagram

April Forbes
March 26, 2021

Are you a Brisbane based real estate agent wanting to up your game in the highly competitive real estate industry? It could be time to look beyond the letterbox drop, past your immediate postcodes, and into the social media world of Instagram. I’m not saying get rid of the drops entirely, but it might be time to look at another way to get your brand (you) to the top of mind for potential clients.

Graduating beyond the DL flyers and directing more time towards growing your social media presence will allow you to compete with the top guns in the real estate industry. With its creative freedom, potential reach, and function of capturing your personality and sharing it with the world, Instagram is the digital place to be. And with over 1 billion users, it could be a goldmine of untapped potential. The social media tool allows users to create and share images and video, and whether they’re displayed in your feed, on your IGTV channel or exclusive snippets in your stories, Instagram is a marketing tool you should be utilising to grow your brand as a real estate agent in Brisbane.


As a real estate agent, your brand is everything and the competition is fierce throughout Brisbane. Knowing your brand and your audience is essential for driving your brand growth. Being your brand persona makes communicating with your audience easier because you know you, and you know how you can relieve the stress of buying and selling property for your potential clients. Now you just need to let them know or at least remind them.

The best starting point is to have a brand positioning strategy in place or a style guide to work from. A style guide is a reference point to understand each of your brand elements and for keeping your message consistent. So, whether you’re writing Instagram posts or filming for IGTV your brand message needs to be clear and remain consistent to boost your brand recognition. And spoiler, it’s not that difficult but consistency is key.

Feed Aesthetic

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, remain consistent in your choices. Consistency will assist your audience in growing its brand recognition while also creating an aesthetically pleasing feed with a clear message. Choose harmonious content for your feed and keep your colours on brand by using the colour picker tool to select colour from your agency logo and other brand elements like identifiable fashion traits (I’ll come back to this).

What to Post

Make it unique, engaging and let your personality shine. You can have a bit more fun with creative freedom on Instagram. Your content can include anything from photos and videos of fun behind the scenes of an auction, footage from real estate industry events, information regarding property listings or even a poll asking your audience to guess a property selling price.

If you would consider yourself a leader in the real estate industry, then share statistics of property trends or insights of the Brisbane property market.

If you would consider yourself a friendly, family orientated real estate agent, then take your audience of family home buyers on a walk through the neighbourhood with Instagram Stories. Walk the route to nearby schools or have coffee at a neighbourhood café.

You want your audience to be engaged and to view you as a reliable source of information which helps to build brand trust. If your audience is high-end luxury buyers from Ascot or Toowong, then flashing expensive cars and toys on your feed might not be such a big deal. However, the wrong audience may not look so kindly upon it. So, know your audience and how to communicate with them. Check out our quick guide on the basics of Instagram stories.

Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is present in your personality at auctions, the captions you create for property listings or even the manner in which you answer the phone. Are you approachable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional? These are all traits that can be conveyed through your content and reaffirmed through tone of voice. Your tone of voice should align with the message you wish to convey about working with you and what feelings you wish to evoke in potential clients. It can be executed across Instagram Posts, Stories or IGTV. Still unsure? Refer to your brand positioning guidelines for a starting point to help build your Tone of Voice.


Instagram trends come and go, so your focus should be on the quality of your posts. Users have a propensity to swipe, so your Instagram feed should capture their attention and resonate straight away. The content should pique the interest of your audience, be able to provide information at a glance and tell them what to do next. Keep your Instagram posts short and sweet, and your Stories informative and engaging. Instagram Stories are the moments that don’t necessarily fit into your curated feed, but instead paint an authentic picture of you or provide timely updates.

If you’re including text in your content choose no more than two fonts to work with and ensure they are consistent with your brand and legible for reading on the fly, engage a full-service agency to further jazz up your feed and assist with maintaining your Instagram content and real estate agent brand.


Including hashtags in your Instagram content is a good way to indicate to your audience what it is you do, while also allowing for broader reach and better engagement from potential clients. Think of hashtags like a hyperlink, they work by providing a link between certain content and themes. By using hashtags effectively, your post becomes searchable thus reaching that wider audience. Consider location tagging (#ascottrealestate), service provided (#brisbanerealestateagent) and emotions you wish to evoke (#newhomeowner). Create a hashtag library so you can ensure the hashtags you’re using are accurate for you as a Brisbane based real estate agent and aren’t associated with something more suspect.

Personal Style

Now, identifiable fashion traits. Have you always wanted to wear an outrageous coloured blouse or tie to an auction? Now is the time to let your fashion sense go wild. As your own brand, your visual branding can also include elements such as your personal fashion choice. If you can align your personal brand and fashion style, you can use this to leverage your brand recognition.

So, whether you’re known by a vibrant orange blouse or a sleek pinstripe suit that you wear to every auction, work it, own it and make it yours.

You can drop the hammer on this one, I’m done.

Not only is your newfound Instagram presence going to elevate you to compete with the top competition in the Brisbane real estate industry. But it has the ability to reach a much wider audience and is less likely to end up a soggy lump in someone’s driveway. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your brand in front of new clients and make it memorable.