How to Sell The Sunshine Coast Dream Off-The-Plan

Elke Farnworth
March 31, 2021

The Sunshine Coast is a premier destination that ticks all the boxes. This diverse subtropical region has a rapidly growing and strong economy, competitive business conditions, accessibility to major national and international markets, and a quality lifestyle. The secret is out and the population of the Sunshine Coast forecasted to surpass 500,000 people by 2041. The Sunshine Coast Council anticipates we will require a total of over 217,230 dwellings. And with property development such intense competition, it’s more important than ever that your product stands out from the crowd.

Here’s the dream scenario...

All your lots are sold off-the-plan before construction is completed.

As such, your solicitor can arrange settlement with the buyers, based entirely on the assurance that you’re going to deliver the project on time and to the right specifications and standards.

This means you get paid straight away and all before the completion of your project.

Well, for all you Sunshine Coast property developers, I’ll let you in on a little secret, the following steps by April Ford allow that dream of selling off the plan a reality, trust me - we see it first hand.

1. If you're developing a quality product, it's essential to hire an experienced designer.

When offering a quality product, needing someone who knows the difference between the colour eggshell and Navajo white isn't optional, it's essential.

First impressions count for everything. An experienced art director and designer will know the desires of the target demographic, be able to trigger a positive emotional response and gain an edge in a competitive Sunshine Coast market.

As a property developer, you’re not just selling four walls, you're selling an emotion. THE Sunshine Coast dream. Buying a home engenders an emotional attachment. Design is there to evoke a response.

Maximise light, minimise furnishes. They’re after trending tones on the finishes, natural light and modern appliances and fixtures. Investing the time and money to make your product more appealing to the average buyer, both practically and visually, is well worth it.

Project branding is seen across the board when it comes to selling bespoke developments. This sets the tone for all your projects. Once these graphic elements are developed in your brand positioning you have the option to carry a similar style across other projects. This evidently encourages project recognition and reputability as a property developer.

Once set in stone, the designer will provide a style guide and brief that includes the considerations that went into your project. They can also work with our renderer to ensure it’s executed on point. This brings me to my next and most important point of all.

2. Renders should have the buyer questioning if it's a photograph.

If there’s ever a place to spend money when it comes to maximising off the plan sales before settlement, it’s on quality renders. Because quite simply, renders sell. So do it well. 

With flocks of potential buyers migrating from the south, buyers are heavily relying on quality renders and lifestyle imagery to help their purchase decision making. One quality render can be repurposed across project collateral to build trust between you as the property developer and your prospective buyers.

As I say in the essential assets of property marketing, when your sales are equating in the multi-millions and a picture that is worth a thousand is what makes the buyer enquire, it's petty cash in comparison to your return on investment.

3. Tell a story and put it on 240gsm paper.

A high-quality brochure is another non-negotiable when selling properties off the plan.

This is what puts your jaw-dropping renders on a pedestal. It’s a good idea to include as much relevant information as you can.

  • Floor plans.
  • The projects fixtures, fittings and finishes.
  • Information on the local area.
  • The best nearby wining and dining.
  • A map of the neighbouring coffee shops, parks, shops and amenities.
  • Information about yourself as the property developer along with any consultants who are involved in the project.

The more information, the better your relationship will be - giving your buyers confidence. The Sunshine Coast is brimming with fine dining, family fun and things to do which you can also leverage off for lifestyle photography. This will help the buyer visualise their day to day life here, gaining a greater emotional connection with the property.

You can find relevant examples here:

Not only will this intangible asset allow your buyers to immerse themselves while they sit there drinking a triple venti soy no foam latte. This brochure isn’t just a brochure - it’s the brag factor that encourages them to show their parents or their friends. The thickness and the finish of the paper between their fingertips need to be of undeniable quality. Every touchpoint needs to match the dream.

4. Make the most of the Sunshine Coast traffic.

If there's one thing we know about Sunshine Coast residents it's that they love to get out and about. While we lack public transport and the population rises, traffic remains a hot topic for the Sunshine Coast. However, we advertisers and developers aren't mad about it. It means more eyes are on the streets while they're stuck in traffic and scoping their next coastal apartment or holiday rental.

This is a key reason why billboards, hoarding boards and banner mesh are necessary all before a shovel even touches the soil. With this surrounding your site, it's an incredible way to get organic traffic (prospective buyers) seeing your renders up in lights.

They should include:

  • Hero render.
  • The name of the project.
  • What the project is i.e. Luxury Estate or Townhouses.
  • Your company logo and contact details.

5. Select the right agent.

Selling the Sunshine Coast dream off-the-plan is nothing like selling an average house or apartment. The only similarity is the selling part. Don’t get blinded by the $1200 suit jacket. Take your time and research to make sure you find the best and most experienced off-the-plan sales agent in the projects area. We recommend finding a local agent who knows the neighbourhood which will help sell the dream to buyers across the state.

You can use directories to help you compare the best:

With nothing less than an exceptional custom website by April Ford, your leads will be captured and sent to your agent. Once this happens, the ball is in their court so you best be sure they're a valuable player.

Final Thoughts

April Ford is the next generation in project marketing. We exist to find clarity in the chaos of an increasingly complex marketing landscape, through a mix of creativity, technology and tested strategy. We bring new perspectives, new technology and new ideas. Why wait? Book a consult today.