How to use social media to position your Noosa FMCG food or drink brand

April Forbes
April 21, 2021

Noosa is renowned for turquoise waters, perfect surf conditions and relaxed and natural vibes. When you hear the word ‘Noosa’, you’re transported to a pure place, creating a reflection of your experience there. Noosa is a spectacular example of a location that fuels a unique brand. Year after year, this is a location that lures people from all walks of life to live and holiday. Been living under a rock and have never heard of Noosa? Check out @visitnoosa right now.

This positive brand recognition provides an advantage to businesses in the local area. You’d be crazy not to play on Noosa’s beloved brand in your social media campaigns and brand strategy!

Is your food brand perched on the crystal clear shores of Noosa? Here’s how you can use social media marketing to position your brand in Noosa and to other consumers across Australia:

Brand Noosa

The Noosa brand itself is worth its weight in gold. Try using it as a focus point in your brand positioning. You could even use it in your business name! Noosa holds a certain status - just as Byron Bay and Bondi do. These firmly branded locations are renowned for their own unique vibe, so use them to add value to your brand at a minimal cost!

Right now, we are obsessed with two Noosa-based brands that are tapping into the Noosa brand. The first one is Land & Sea Brewery. When you click onto their website, their placement as a Noosa-based business is bold. This gives consumers a taste of their brand immediately. The first line you come across is ‘Welcome to Noosa’s First and Finest Craft Brewery…', reflecting the true experience of Noosa. This sentence reflects the essence of both the hinterland and the ocean. A further connection to Noosa is made through their seamless social media content, which features beautiful images captured by local and travelling photographers.

The second brand we are loving right now is Locale Noosa. They have taken their brand’s affiliation with Noosa one step further, including the location in their name. With this boldness, customers have no doubt where their restaurant is. Thanks to its prime Hastings Street address, it’s a given that your experience there will be out of this world. Their Instagram feed features moody and stylish social media content that aims to reflect the sensation of dining there. There’s no doubt that Locale Noosa has hit the mark with its brand and positioning.

Social Media Marketing

The #Noosa hashtag currently has over 1.4 million posts on Instagram alone. Its top posts feature images of the ocean or food, reflecting the essence of Noosa. How can your food brand incorporate the Noosa brand into your FMCG social media content? The good news is that if your food brand is located in Noosa, incorporating the area's charm is easy.

Here are a few things you should include in your social media content:

  1. Source or create images that reflect Noosa in your content
  2. Build a library of Noosa related hashtags to post with your content
  3. Tag location Noosa in content posts
  4. Run Social Ads aimed at people in the local area
  5. Reach out to Noosa-based publications or industry bodies like @visitnoosa @innoosamag, @urbanlistsc
  6. Connect with influencers in the area

Our favourite new kid on the Noosa block is MilkBar. We worked alongside this innovative business to create their brand and as their social media agency. The aim was to reflect the Noosa experience in their marketing strategies. For their launch, social media content was consciously designed. This content focused on images of food and the ocean. The ocean was selected as part of their positioning strategy and created a visual representation of the brand.

We highly recommend a visit when you are next on Hastings Street. Click here to visit their website, and here to read their case study.

Offline marketing - because online is never enough

Everyone is dreaming up ways to run their very own online business, but the real world is still out there. To put all of your brand’s eggs into the online basket is a fast way to experience an expensive business launch failure.

Online marketing should complement offline marketing and promotion strategies. For food brands, this might mean selling products through retailers that service your target market. Other ideas include attending events like the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival, creating pop-up stores and embarking on collaborations. You might even want to launch a product tasting! The world is your oyster with offline marketing.

These offline activities offer a unique opportunity to boost your social media marketing strategy. You could incorporate user-generated content to provide social proof that your brand is loved! Or when attending an event like the Noosa Eat & Drink Festival, you could speak to the organisers about the best way to maximise your marketing results from the event. You could try posting a series of Instagram Stories or including the events hashtag #noosaeatdrink! Another simple idea is to provide product samples to ticket holders. Regardless of your offline marketing tactics, there are a million ways to cement the impact of your brand in the real world.

As the food and drink industry becomes more saturated each year, it's important for FMCG brands to harness every unique element that they can. The pandemic has solidified Noosa as a red hot area to move to, proving that the Noosa brand is at its peak right now. People want salty skin, sandy beaches and margaritas with a view, and that is Noosa in a nutshell! Incorporating the Noosa brand into your FMCG marketing strategy will give your business a boost that is unparalleled.