How targeted ads will find you through the new IOS update

July 5, 2021

IOS 14.5 is here, and it’s disrupted digital advertising – there’s no doubt about that. But consumers beware… we’ll find you.

Many people falsely believe that opting out of Facebook ad tracking means you won’t see many ads, if any. This is completely untrue: you’ll see exactly the same amount of ads.

And perhaps an even bigger misconception is the concept that you won’t be served ads relevant to your behaviour – meaning you won’t be tracked at all. This is untrue as well, so in a bid to shed light on the ways that advertisers can still target their ideal customers, we’ve explained it below.

And if you’re a consumer that’s ‘opted out’ of Facebook tracking, beware… we’ll find you.

1. On platform touchpoints

If you follow a brands’ Facebook page or Instagram profile, or if you comment, like or share anything it is trackable. If you visit a profile page, swipe right on a carousel or basically engage in any way on the platform, it’s trackable and it becomes an audience for advertising and remarketing.

2. Interests

With Facebook still able to track your on-platform activity and touchpoints, interest targeting is still alive and well. Everything you pay attention to on-platform will place you in an interest segment. Here’s how you can check out your personal interest segments.

3. Clicked on any ad or CTA button

We can’t track your actions on a website, but we know you took action to visit a website and we can track that.  This means we can now serve you remarketing ads knowing that you’re a slightly warmer audience that has likely browsed our website. 

4. Video views

If you stop scrolling even just for a few seconds to watch a video in your feed, whether it’s from a brand you follow or a random ad, your view is tracked and you can be remarked, too. We can even track how long you watched the video to deem how interested you are.

5. Database lists & previous purchases

If you’ve ever handed over your name, email or phone number to sign up to a newsletter, join a club or make a purchase or enter a competition, we can almost guarantee that you’re being retargeted via this information. Also, customer lists never expire, even if you have chosen to opt-out of an email newsletter, you could still be targeted via ads based on this information.  

6. Sharing audiences

Every audience we mentioned above has the ability to be shared across brands and partners. Influencers can even share their followers and engaged audiences with brands for the purpose of remarketing.

7. First-party data

It’s data you collect directly from your audience, such as website events, that you can own and manage. Set up correctly, it also allows you to form your own remarketing lists, including those that have opted out of Facebook ad tracking (3rd party data). If you’re one of our clients, we’ve already set up first-party data tracking for you.

It’s the ultimate weapon to combat the effects of IOS 14.5.

The Proof

To further support the targeting myths we’ve busted, I’ve just come out of a month-long trial of the new ‘opt-out’ of ad tracking feature, and I can confirm I have seen just as many ads, all relevant and perfectly targeted to me, so much so that I’ve converted on just enough ads to encourage me to get home early enough to hide my deliveries. 🙊🙊

Ad targeting is well and truly alive, and experienced media buyers can and will find you… some way or another.