Digital Agency + Ecommerce Manager = Match made in ROI heaven

April Forbes
June 14, 2021

As the internet continues to bloom and seep into every corner of our lives, lifting Sunshine Coast-based eCommerce brands off the ground takes a finely-tuned plan, meticulous skills and a whole lot of pizzazz. We’ve been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t – and we want to let you in on a little secret. The yellow brick road to success for eCommerce businesses is paved by a collaboration between two powerful parties: the eCommerce manager and the creative agency your brand partners with. Creating a dynamic duo, this collaboration can bade brands godspeed on their journey to the top of the game. 

Ecommerce managers: the man on the ground

Managing the intricate loose ends of your ecommerce brand, an ecommerce manager is there to make your business run smoothly. Between looking after the website, making sure all of the products are up, correcting prices and making sure banners are relevant, ecommerce managers have their finger on the pulse of functionality, and directly influence revenue. While smaller brands might be able to get away with not having a dedicated in-house ecommerce manager, the role is slowly solidifying itself as a pillar of brand success. 

For example, your brand could sell four different kinds of flours – if the products are offered in only one size, with no variables, it’s safe to say an in-house member of staff could step into the role of ecommerce manager. But the moment you decide to expand your brand and begin offering ten other different kinds of baking products in different shapes and sizes (as well as organic and non-organic options), you’ve created a far more complex ecommerce universe. You’re going to need a dedicated ecommerce manager, or you (and your digital agency) are in for a long, hard road ahead. 

Not engaging an in-house ecommerce manager for your brand is blazing a trail toward missed opportunities and mishap. There’ll be no smooth sailing ahead – and there will be no seamless collaboration between your brand and your creative agency. We need you – we can’t beat relevance, proximity and a finger in the pie. You have the insider information to your inventory, your products, your figures and your profit. Here at April Ford, we’re not touching and feeling the products or talking to your customers – we don’t have your brand’s intricate marketing details, but you do. So let’s champion that.

If your brand proudly works with a digital agency like April Ford, you’re going to understand we work meticulously – we are data-driven, our work is evidence-based and we like to keep our finger on the pulse. But we only have a foot inside the door of your business: we need a man on the ground in the shape of a switched-on eCommerce manager. 

The dream team

When your in-house eCommerce manager and your chosen digital agency work together, the planets align for your brand. Your eCommerce manager has an intricate understanding of the way your brand works, and we know how to connect the dots. Where you know the products inside and out, we know how to take that product and market it to the masses. From SEM to Facebook Ads and the other tricks we keep up our sleeve, we are proud to design your stairway to peak profit.

We see our role as supplementary: without an in-house eCommerce manager filling in our data and knowledge gaps, a digital agency can’t drive as big of an impact or help brands kick revenue goals. The ripples fall short, and your brand does too. But when we design an open line of communication with your brand’s eCommerce manager, we can help optimise every inch of your business. Say goodbye to wayward results and hello to tactical formulas that pack a punch, sending your profits sky-bound. 

When working with a digital agency, your brand’s main point of contact is your dedicated eCommerce manager. Your eCommerce manager is our main portal into your business – they’re our maestro, our heavyweight, our aficionado. Business and revenue just doesn’t bloom without their input. Connecting through your brand’s eCommerce manager is the easiest (and most effective) way to communicate. Your eCommerce manager conveys important morsels of information to your creative agency team: from ensuring the website is functioning properly to flagging products to focus on, technical changes and changes in consumer patterns, our plans work infinitely better when we collaborate with someone in the field. 

A bold as brass ROI

ROI or return on investment is a vice that almost every ecommerce brand wants (and needs) to measure. For every dollar you spend, how much are you getting back? The figure we are privy to here at our digital agency is irrelevant without the context your ecommerce manager provides. We can translate the data to a certain extent – we might be able to see that something in our formula isn’t working well for your brand, but we can’t put our finger on what it is without your side of the story. 

That’s where your eCommerce manager comes in – we need to know what your monthly earnings are, whether most of your customers are based on the Sunshine Coast, what your advertising spend is, what other factors are contributing to your sales and any other tidbits that add to the narrative. We might be able to see the ebb and flow of your website traffic, but we can’t see the enquiries rolling in or a sudden drop in sales. When you fill us in, we’re able to make miniscule yet powerful changes to your marketing formula: whether we tweak something small in Google Ads Manager or Facebook Ads, it all adds up. As an eCommerce manager, it’s your role to understand your business and communicate your knowledge to digital agencies like us. When every eye is on the prize, no stone is left unturned. Your role impacts the fruition of your brand, so we value this creative collaboration like nothing else. 

We’re on the same side

If your brand boasts the dream team of a functioning ecommerce manager and a digital agency, there’s a few important ways to ensure you’re leveraging the collaboration. 

We can move mountains together, but only if you trust us. Above all, this is the secret sauce that we know makes a world of difference to our results and your revenue. We see electrifying outcomes when eCommerce managers wholeheartedly believe in our strengths and our work. Whether we’re dabbling in your brand’s Google Ads Manager, playing around with Facebook Ads or creating a new SEM scaffold, your eCommerce manager should trust us to design and manage these endeavours. With trust comes a great deal of responsibility, and we’re up for it. 

It’s also important to have clear objectives (regarding revenue, profit, demographic to name a few) and goals for your brand from the get-go: eCommerce managers should understand your business intricately, and always be up for diving deeper. Without a clear direction from your captain, your ship won’t cruise where it should.

When it comes to communication, we believe that the more we share, the better. We want to know when you have promotions running, what’s selling well and any other snippet you think would boost our efforts. The better you tell your side of the story, the better we can kick start our ideas into action. 

There’s a place for both parties at the table – but when you pull up a chair for us? That’s where the magic begins.